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Artist, Julie Bragonier has always been passionate about the arts. Even as a child she doodled on everything, drew, paint, wrote plays, wrote stories, played multiple instruments and realized she had talent and an insatiable love for the arts. 

First her talents were poured into graphic design and video production and she became a principle in an Ad agency that specialized in government affairs and elections. Her talents won her multiple Pollie Awards and national attention from organizations and candidates. She currently is Vice President of the agency and continues to use her skill to make a difference. 

Julie's fine art career started in 2003 when a gallery owner saw something she painted for a family member. Within 24 hours she had her first solo signed at a prominent gallery in Seattle.

Quickly her art career took off. It wasn't long before she was featured in multiple galleries. Playing with different mediums and styles Julie's art has morphed over the years. Her most recent style has her excited and she is pursuing it whole-heatedly. 

Julie also is a published author of young adult literature. She has two novels available on Amazon.

When she isn't working or painting she is usually found playing or coaching roller derby. She also loves to travel and incorporate her personal experiences into her artwork. 

"I love to paint. In my day-to-day career there are rules and boundaries to advertising, but when I paint, I can do whatever I want, however I want. It is liberating on a level that probably only creatives can understand."

Stay tuned for the next revolution!

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