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Word from the Artist

Art is personal.

Art is powerful.

Art connects.

A woman stood weeping in front of a painting. I watched as her emotions completely took over her. Quietly I stood next to her, waiting. 

“Why are you crying?” I asked tentatively. 

A wave of tears gushed from her eyes.


“This painting is exactly what I am going through in my life right now,” she whispered. “How did the artist know?”


“I’m the artist,” I whispered. “And I painted what I was feeling inside.”


She looked over at me and took my hand.


“Thank you,” she said through a weepy smile.

This was my very first show and my first experience as an artist. That was 18 years ago. And that moment moved me in such a way that I had to pursue a career in fine arts; and here we are 18-years and 200 sold paintings later.


As a collector and an artist I've been on both sides of the painting.


Sometimes a buyer just likes what they see and so they buy the piece, I've done that many times myself. Other times, it moves them in a magical way that possibly only am artist can understand.

Painting for me is something I need to do. I must do. When the mood strikes, watch out. I will disappear for weeks on end and emerge with a dozen paintings. 

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